Jun Yamamoto
Jun yamamoto
Kanji 山本 純
Romanji Yamamoto Jun
Gender Male
Birthday February 14
Age 16
Blood Type AB
Eyes Light brown
Hair Brown
Height 167 cm
Professional Status
Affiliation Hakusen Academy


Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Rin Yamamoto (Mother)
Megumi Yamamoto (Twin sister)
Ryuu Tsuji (Older brother figure)
Sakura Ushikubo (Girlfriend)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Tsubasa Yonaga

Jun is ranked number 3 in the SA. He is Megumi's twin brother and Sakura's boyfriend. He is also the son of a music producer and a famous singer. He loves music very much, even though he is not very good at it. 


Jun is a cute guy who usually is seen in the typical S.A boys uniform, a white blazer with the S.A logo on the pocket, pale blue shirt, black tie, dark blue pants, and brown shoes. During warmer months, he wears a white short sleeved shirt with the S.A logo on the sleeve and pocket, green striped tie, and green pants. Jun has pale and very light skin which according to Sakura, his skin is beautiful.

Outside of his uniform, he tends to dress very simple and boyish.

The Quiet Boy With A Different SideEdit

Megumi jun and sakura

Jun, Sakura, and Megumi

Usually quiet and kindhearted, Jun has a split personality which he has concealed from everyone except Megumi and Ryuu. Triggered whenever he is kissed by a girl or receives a lot of affection, he becomes irresistible to nearly all women and is able to charm them effortlessly. His split personality resulted from an hypnotism program that Jun watched as a child and first emerged when he was still in grade six. During a date with a girl, he changed and all the other girls around him became mesmerized by him.

Inner Jun

This led the girl Jun was dating to hate him and call him disgusting. After he begins dating Sakura, Jun's alternate personality emerges whenever he sees her; however, because Sakura accepts him regardless of his personalities, Jun is able to reciprocate her feelings for him. The only thing that can bring Jun back to his original self is by losing consciousness like by hearing his sister, Megumi, sing.

Relationships   Edit

Megumi YamamotoEdit

Megumi is his older twin sister and is very close to him. They usually stick together with Ryuu. Megumi is always looking out for her younger brother and he is always looking out for her no matter what.
Ryuu Jun Megumi

Ryuu, Jun, and Megumi

Ryuu TsujiEdit

Both twins are very close to Ryuu and treat him like their big brother. The three of them are inseperable. When it's time to defened the twins, Ryuu will do anything to keep them safe.  They often compete with animals for Ryuu's affection.

Sakura UshikuboEdit

Sakura is Jun's girlfriend in the anime and manga. At first Jun would always run away from Sakura because of his problem which would always leave Sakura heartbroken. Soon Sakura confronts Jun and tells him that he can stop because she

Sakura and Jun

now knows how much he hates her, which then causes Jun to admit he loves Sakura and tell the truth. The two reconcile and later become an official couple.